BankVic - Carlton, Vic

BankVic – Make Good and New building set-up


BankVic is an Australian member-owned mutual bank. It was founded as the Police Association Credit Co Operative, commonly known as Police Credit or Police Credit Co-Op, by police officers in 1974 as a credit union. On 1 June 2013, Police Credit became BankVic (Police Financial Services Limited). It now serves police and other emergency services employees, people in the health industry and other public servants, as well as their families and friends.

In 2011, Police Credit reported that the organisation had 91,000 members, employed 120 staff and had $1 billion (Australian) in assets under management.[2] In 2014, BankVic celebrated its 40th anniversary and is one of Victoria’s largest Mutual Banks

Scope of Works

After making the decision to move the head office to a new location, BankVic hired the services of MGP to:

  • Help relocating the head office and furniture
  • Remove all leftover furniture, cabinets, safes, rubbish etc
  • Demolish all added walls, doors, ceilings that were added at the beginning of the lease
  • Remove unnecessary mechanical systems.
  • Re-instate walls, doors, ceilings according to original plans
  • Replace carpet throughout
  • Paint all inside
  • Replace damaged ceiling panels with new
  • Lights and electrics re-fitted
  • Re-wire all alarms doors, area and building
  • Complete clean up – Windows cleaned, carpet vacuumed, cabinets cleaned, floors mopped 

The project consisted of returning the the BankVic building of 27 years back to the original condition it was when it was first rented.

With three floors of office space, car parking and bank, it covered an area of approximately 2500 square metres. 

The timing of the move was critical and only allowed three weeks to perform the Make Good and hand over the keys to the owner of the building.

Such challenges occurred in way of the removal of:

  • Full size safe,
  • Anti burglary protection devices
  • Bullet proof glass. 
  • 12 mini safes upstairs that weighed 1 tonne each with no lift to bring them down.
  • 27 year old plans that were extremely hard to read.

It was a tough three weeks but all went well in the end.

Shopfitting & other work.

Although MGP did not get the entire fitout contract with BankVic, we did get a couple of rooms and items to do such as:

  • Project Management of the fit-out fir BankVic
  • First aid room
  • Library Room
  • Assembly of all desks and chairs
  • Defects Report and management
Location:Carlton, Vic
Project Completion:2017
Project Time:8 Weeks
Purpose:To restore the building back to how it was originally rented back 27 years prior

Complete Video

Boardroom & CEO Office

Car Park & Foyer

Corporate Service

Staff Lunch Room

Bank Area

I.T. Area

Unit One - Rental

New BankVic building fitout